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More than 130 different combinations

of products


The factory has an area of 30 thousand

square meters and employs 310 people. 


There are 13 million households in 63

countriesand regions around the world. 

About Nuoyi

Zhongshan Nuoyi Electric Co., Ltd. is a high-end modern kitchen appliances supporting experts, products have Gas stoves, Ceramic hob, Induction hob, Range hood, Oven, Sink,

Faucets, Air fryer, Air purifiers, covering 10 species, 130 kinds of different product portfolio. There are 13 million households in 63 countries and regions all over the world, are

using Nuoyi kitchen appliances to cook rich dishes.

Integrates the development
Zhongshan Nuoyi Electric Co., Ltd. is a high-end modern kitchen appliances supporting experts, products have Gas stoves, Ceramic hob, Induction hob, Range hood, Oven...
Staffed with lots
Product design and innovation: Nuoyi their own product design team continues to work with design masters from Italy, Germany, etc., to develop creative cutting-edge kitchen electric products. Nuoyi ir
Introduced advanced design
Nuoyi is respected to feel modern kitchen appliances, personally cooking fun! We not only offer kitchen appliances, but also let each family to enjoy and reflect personally cooking the fun!

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